Kevin McCloskey

Kevin McCloskey Named Director of Development

Lietuva Lakrosas has named Kevin McCloskey (anglicized from Maslauskas) Director of Development, effective immediately.

Lacrosse has been a part of Kevin’s life since early elementary school and Lithuania has been a part of his life well before that. Kevin played defense at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA, and later coached for 2 years at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland, USA. “Although coaching at the collegiate level is very exciting, my passion rests in the program development side of the sport, helping newer coaches, players, and programs to thrive” said McCloskey.

At Lietuva Lakrosas, Kevin will assume the duties of developing curriculum and program activities for schools and clubs learning to play lacrosse in Lithuania. He will also assist with fundraising, helping Lietuva Lakrosas raise money for for equipment and instruction at schools across the country. McCloskey added, “the first time I visited Lithuania I danced with my wife in the 100 year Restoration of Independence celebration in 2018. I am eager to help coach and develop the emerging lacrosse programs in Lithuania.”