Lietuvos Sporto Universiteto
Kėdainių „Aušros“ Progimnazija

Lithuania Sport University program

Olympic Day

Olympic Day is an annual event run by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee that celebrates health and sports, and features interactive demonstrations by over 100 different sports organizations. Lietuva Lakrosas was able to introduce lacrosse to thousands of Lithuanians at the festival in 2019, where participants were able to try passing, catching, shooting, and watch a replay of a recent NCAA college game.

The 2020 Olympic Day was canceled due to COVID-19, but Lietuva Lakrosas looks forward to returning for the 2021 Olympic Day.

Heritage Cup

The Heritage Cup tournament began in 2013 and Lietuva Lakrosas fields a team of players of Lithuanian descent against a variety of international teams. The weekend is a celebration of Lithuanian culture, heritage, and is an opportunity to raise funds and equipment to develop the sport of lacrosse in Lithuania.